Counting Down the Minutes!

It was another amazing day here yesterday at Manitou! The sun was shining, the birds were singing…even our new adopted bunny rabbit was feeling fine!  Now that all of the activities are being set up for our campers, I can count down the minutes until everyone arrives. Everything looks great, and I know the campers will think so, too! I just can’t wait until they get here!

We started off the day with the arrival of all the camper duffel bags, and it took a tremendous effort by the entire staff to get them into the cabins and ready for the kids to unpack their stuff! It didn’t matter if you’re big or small, strong or not, everyone was able to help each other and make moving bags a great time! I’ve never seen so many bags move so quickly, and it just shows how tight knit this staff group is, and how our family always wants to lend a hand.

After all that hard work, we deserved a great lunch—and we got it with Chef William’s famous fish and chips! But a great meal wasn’t all that happened at lunch, as we had our MHL themed meal, where everyone sat with the Manitou Staff Hockey League teams they were drafted onto. It was the perfect way to meet our captains, teammates, and feel like we were all part of a winning squad! I can’t wait until the games start and we all get to cheer for our favourite teams.

All in all, it’s fantastic to see the camp so perfect, the lake looking beautiful, and the smiles on everyone’s faces. Even as I write this, counselors are making signs to welcome their campers and people are laughing and singing.

It’s time for me to make my cabin sign too! And by the way, if you’re reading this, please share it with all your Manitou friends and family cause I have a lot more to say all summer long!

Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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