Being a Camp Counsellor

Last night we had our weekly staff meeting and Jeff and Mark spoke about how the entire staff pushed through one of the greatest weeks ever despite the challenges of the weather. More staff than ever have clearly demonstrated they are here for the kids and are so supportive of each other.
Below is a writing from one of our counsellors during rest hour yesterday and was read to the entire staff last night, it really does say it all!

Can’t wait for Friday night Fireside tonight and our special guest speaker Ryan Hreljac from ‘Ryan’s Well that has arrived to speak to the camp, a true champion of ‘the power of one’
Our Fireside theme for this summer!

Manny M

Being a camp counsellor

Being a camp counsellor is the hardest job there is
It’s never getting a break
It’s having screaming kids cling to your legs
It’s ruining all your favourite clothes
It’s putting your heart out but knowing you get more love in return
It’s never being awarded peace and quiet after a long day
It’s having to master the balance of mother, teacher, and friend
It’s questioning your desire to ever have children of your own but realizing its your goal
It’s putting your dignity on the line with every dress up day and themed activity

Being a camp counsellor is the hardest yet most rewarding job there is
It’s never being more than five steps away from your best friends
It’s having a smile on your face at all hours of the day
It’s ruining your white tennis shoes in the biggest mudslide you’ve ever seen
It’s putting your life on the line because you love your campers more than anything
It’s never having a boring or uneventful day for a whole summer
It’s having a feeling of pride when your campers accomplish a new goal
It’s putting the fate and happiness of children into your hands, knowing they love you no matter what

It’s being payed minimal wages
To play, laugh, smile, explore
Let your hair down, disconnect from the world, step on the grass and mud, allow the sun to shine on your bare skin
To go makeup free and designer label free, to feel the cold rush of lake water and the warm hug of greasy comfort food
It’s feeling like a kid again no matter your age
It’s the hardest job there is,
But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.