An Inspiring Friday Night Fireside

WOOHOO! It’s a gorgeous Manitou day here, and there’s excitement in the air for today! But before I get to all the fun of today, I want to tell you about the beautiful Friday Night Fireside we had last night.

As always, we all gathered down by the lake and reflected on our week up at camp. I know I always appreciate being at camp when we go down to Fireside, and I think the campers and staff feel at peace as well. We started as always with our land acknowledgment, and moved into our candle ceremony, where campers and staff are honoured for their contributions and their Manitou spirit. Next, our Junior Unit did a short presentation on our theme “Don’t Stand By.” They presented a paper quilt where campers each made a square showing what the theme means to them and how important it is to stand up.

After our brilliant campers had finished, we heard from Martina and Wayne, two speakers from the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, Manitou’s charity for the summer. Martina and Wayne spoke to our campers and staff about what Children’s Aid does and how they help people in need find foster homes, and help them within the foster care system. They spoke about all of the amazing work Children’s Aid has done so far, but how there is always work that can be done and people that need to be helped. It was eye-opening for everyone–myself included–to hear the high rates of people that are within the foster care system in Canada, and I think it’s great that they came to speak to our Manitou family. I bet many of our campers and staff were inspired to take action and stand up to help people that are in need.

After a moving talk, Martina was then given the honour of reading our end of Fireside poem, and we all sang our camp song as we always do when we end our Friday nights. It was an incredible evening, and I always feel so at peace when we end our Friday Night Firesides. A perfect end to a perfect day!

Today we all woke to a sunny day here at camp…perfect for Rookie Day! Today is our annual Rookie Day, where 5 – 9 year olds visit Camp Manitou for the day, and live the day of a camper. And more often than not, these Rookies become Manitou campers one day! Today they’ll be trying Culinary Arts, Tennis, Woodworking, Adventure Park, Horseback Riding, and more! Plus they’ll get to eat in the Dining Hall for meals AND end the day with Tuck, just like a regular Manitou camper would. I can’t wait to meet all of the Rookies and see them enjoying the camper lifestyle!

Well, I’m off to go shoot some hoops with my friend Michael Palma, the Head of Basketball!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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