An Awesome Carnival!

YAHOO! It’s been an exciting few days at camp, and I can’t wait to tell you about all the fun we’re having!

Our cabins have been rotating to different activities all around camp and have been working on some amazing projects. I’ve seen chia pets made at Greenhouse, bowls being glazed at Pottery, and French Toast being cooked up at Culinary Arts. Plus, I’ve seen cabins work hard to improve their sports skills, and I think by the end of the summer they’ll be pros!

But yesterday we stopped our activities for a bit and had a special afternoon because it was Manitou’s annual Carnival! This year we had the most booths and games I’ve ever seen, and I think it was the most fun Carnival we’ve ever had! There were the Carnival classics like Sno-Cones, Cotton Candy, and the Dunk Tank, and then we had new additions like a Pie Eating Contest, Butter Sculpting, and Fortune Telling done by our incredible Assistant Director Alec Amato. It was such a blast and I loved seeing everyone running around smiling and trying every booth the Carnival had to offer.

And today we have a classic Manitou Thursday lined up. For our readers who don’t know, Thursdays are a bit different at Manitou. We all get a little more time to relax in the morning with a long sleep-in, and for those who are early risers, there’s an amazing buffet spread put out by Chef Will and our incredible Kitchen staff. I always start my Thursdays off with eggs, hashbrowns, and a chocolate croissant! Plus for those campers awake on Thursday mornings, we have some different activities every week, and this week there will be a dance party and a paper airplane making class. This afternoon, counsellors will plan and run Cabin Activities for their campers, which are fun special programs that a cabin does together! I can’t wait to see what our creative counsellors have all planned for today!

Plus later today we will have our first Theatre show of the summer! The Freshkids and Sophomores will be performing Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and I know it’s going to be great with all the hard work they’ve put into it. I’ll be sure to tell all of you about it tomorrow!

Gotta go clean my cabin…I’m hoping to win cabin cleanup this week so I can get an ice cream sundae party!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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