Amazing Activities and Perfect Programs!

OH ME OH MY! Yesterday was an incredible day at camp, and I know today will be just as fun! During the day yesterday, lots of our activities teamed up for special days like Creative Arts and Eco Adventure for Artchery, and Culinary Arts and Radio for ASMR Day! It’s always great for our campers to try something new, and I think they all had a fantastic time!

And as if the day couldn’t get any better, there were some fantastic Evening Programs for our units last night! Our Freshkids did their own version of the TV show Property Brothers, where they “fixed up” their cabins and “sell” them to their Unit Heads, Sydney Wilson and Daniel Wexler. Over at the Theatre, the Sophomores were doing a classic Manitou Evening Program: Air Bands! For those of you who don’t know about Air Bands, each cabin chooses a song and then lip syncs and creates group choreography for that tune! Every cabin was extremely talented and you could tell by their big smiles that they were all having fun. The Junior and Senior Units teamed up for one of the most creative Evening Programs this old moose has ever seen: Every Single Program. Sometimes it’s hard to choose between one Evening Program, so why not do them all? That’s what our Junior and Senior campers did! They all did ten minute rotations of classic Manitou Evening Programs, and by the end they were covered in paint and grass, and they were laughing and smiling! Our Unit Heads keep coming up with the best ideas, and I had a blast just watching our campers having fun!

As some of our First Session readers know, Thursdays are a little different here at Manitou. Instead of a regular wake-up time, our campers and staff have the opportunity to sleep-in and eat at Will’s Famous Breakfast Buffet! And instead of going off to normal activities, there are special programs that happen in the morning. Today, for instance, campers can play some big board games or they can go watch a very special bubble show! And in the afternoon today, our Freshkids and Sophomores will be going out of camp on a very special Beach Day, while our Juniors and Seniors will do Cabin Activities that their counsellors have planned right here in camp. Plus, we get to end the day with an Outdoor Dinner, where our kitchen staff always cook those burgers to perfection. Mmmmmm!

And as a special bonus for all my faithful readers, we have the latest Manitou podcast episode from our Radio/Media campers! Click on the logo BELOW to give it a listen!


Well, I’m off to do check out those ultra-clean cabins!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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