Visual Arts

The crafts and jewelry program is one of our most popular at Manitou. There is a project for everyone from copper enamel and tie-dye to candle and pillow making! Campers are able to explore their inner creativity and create gifts for friends, family or keepsakes of their camp experience. With a never-ending supply of beads [...]

This artistic stream is for the camper who wants more than just basic arts and crafts. At Creative Arts campers will explore different mediums from sculpture, painting, drawing and even printmaking. The program is designed to stimulate creative expression, while emphasizing the development of technique. This includes drawing with charcoal and inks and painting on […]

Join us at our Cooking Studio to immerse yourself in our newest camp program – Culinary Arts! A professional chef will teach each camper the basics of food preparation, kitchen safety, cooking and baking techniques, measuring, knife skills, healthy eating – but most of all, they'll learn how to have fun creating and enjoying delicious [...]
Our Newspaper program is an energetic and creative space, where campers can come and let their imagination run wild! From writing articles to interviewing fellow staff and campers to creating their own comic strips, campers can contribute to our very own newspaper - charmingly called The Mosquito! The Mosquito is published weekly for all of [...]
Campers who enjoy photography can ‘Learn by doing’ at camp while receiving hands-on instruction from a professional photographer. With a well-equipped studio in the heart of the wilderness, campers of all ages explore their surroundings and shoot, develop, enlarge and print photos. Campers can also display their images on display boards around camp, in the [...]
Our two spacious studios invite participants to roll up their sleeves and enjoy the challenge of creating with clay. Hands-on instruction is available in hand-and-wheel work using our many potters wheels. Campers can experiment in various structuring and decorating techniques, and even help 'fire' their creations in our state of the art kiln. Many of [...]

Branching off from our spectacular Theatre program, Theatre Sets is for the campers who want to be behind the scenes. From designing to building and painting, campers will see the sets come to life before their very own eyes! At Theatre Sets, creativity flourishes and new ideas are always welcome to make each Manitou Theatre […]

Come learn from our professional videographer in camp’s video studio! Campers will not only have fun making their own videos that will be shown at the Manitou Film Festival but they will also learn the basic skills behind putting together a proper script, film line and receive how-to instruction on editing their complete camp video [...]
A Manitou favorite! At woodworking campers learn the safe use of tools, the differences in lumber, carpentry techniques and how to care for and maintain the equipment. The campers are encouraged to explore their creativity and some have made such things as, picture frames, Muskoka chairs made out of old hockey sticks, memory boxes, paddles, [...]