A Very Full Day at Manitou!

We woke up to another beautiful, sunny day today, which is perfect for the full day of fun we have here at camp! After all my years at Manitou, I have never seen such a jam-packed day, and I am so excited to tell you all about it! But first, last night we had two very exciting events that I need to tell you all about. We had our Second Session Talent Show, where our campers impressed us all showing us their incredible skills, such as singing and dancing, and our directors even did a group number together, which was an fantastic finale to a great show. Everyone then went off to bed…or so they thought! Our C.I.T.s had actually been secretly planning a program called Midnight Madness, where our campers and staff are treated to a themed night (not actually at midnight!) full of games, dancing, and food! Last night, our Counsellors In Training planned a Christmas themed event–or CITmas as they called it–and after putting on a great and hilarious skit, we went to the Dining Hall to play some holiday games, eat some gingerbread cookies, and take photos with Santa. It was an amazing evening, and I was so impressed by the work that the C.I.T.s put in, and how much fun they made it for the rest of the camp!

After an amazing night, everyone woke up refreshed and ready for a new day…and what a day it is today! Some of our Manitou runners woke up early to go and participate in the annual Muskoka Rocks Run. The proceeds of the run go to Camp Oochigeas–a camp for kids with cancer–and I know our runners will make us proud. It’s not about placing in 1st, it’s about doing something for an amazing cause! And speaking of amazing causes, we are continuing our Community Week activities today, with the Sophomores running a spa for our hardworking Directors, Unit Heads, and Kitchen Staff. It’s a small gesture, but it’s a very nice thing to do, and I am so proud of our campers for thinking of such generous things. So far, we have raised over $800, and we are still working towards our goal!

While we still have our Community Week activities running, we have plenty of other programs happening as well! At Video, campers have signed up for the 6 1/2 Film Challenge, where they are given various items and lines of dialogue, and are set with the task of filming, editing, and screening a film all in 6 1/2 hours! Over at Eco Adventure, there is a treasure hunt going on, where campers are going on a pirate themed search for hidden treasure! At OCS (Other Camp Sports), our incredible staff are running a mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark dodgeball tournament all day, and I can’t wait to go over and see how it looks! All over Art Hill, there are a number of activities particitipating in our annual Art in the Park, where Radio, Newspaper, Crafts, Creative Arts, Guitar, Photography, and Rock Music all have outdoor stations, and turn the camp into a big art festival.

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also International Day at camp today! We’re celebrating our international campers and staff by having multiple events throughout the day. At breakfast, our Australians hosted by serving us Vegemite on toast, and at lunch, our Mexican staff and campers will be hosting a special surprise for us! Plus, later in the day, there will be cricket games going on, and a very exciting International vs Canada basketball game…it’s bound to be a nail-biter! And then later this evening, we will end the day with an outdoor dinner and cabin activities, run by incredibly hardworking counsellors. What a day!

I’m off to get my face painted now at Art in the Park! Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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