A SpOoOoOoky Halloween!

OH ME OH MY! It’s been a fun couple of days here at camp and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

On Monday, camp was a little bit spookier as we had our annual Manitou Halloween celebration. All day long at activities, they were making decorations, and campers and staff were working on their costumes in preparation for the big night. Once it was finally time, I couldn’t believe some of the creative costumes I saw! There were people dressed as Care Bears, some were unicorns, and I even saw a bunch of Smurfs running around! Everyone was having an amazing time trick or treating and showing off their incredible outfits in the costume contest. But that wasn’t all! There was a spooky Haunted House, a hay ride that drove all around camp, caramel apples, and for the first time ever there was a Halloween maze! As always, we ended the night with a Halloween dance where we all danced together in our awesome costumes. Our campers and staff get more creative every year and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

On Tuesday night we had a classic Manitou Evening Program…Stock Ticker! Our Freshkid and Sophomores were invited to the Manitou Stock Exchange where they could buy and sell stocks using our Manitou currency, Moosebucks, from some wacky companies. It was a fun night with some great companies like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Bee Apparel, and Croc Inc. all participating in the event, along with many more. I can’t wait to see which cabin did the best!

Well I’m off to Volleyball where the Activity Head, Gabi, is running an awesome three-on-three tournament!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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