A Special Walk of Hope Presentation!

It’s hard to believe First Session is flying by so fast, and that we’ll be welcoming up our Second Session campers in just a matter of days! We say it every year, but we think this may be our Best Summer Ever and we can’t wait for you all to join us!

As some of you know, here at Manitou we are constantly getting involved with giving back through various organizations and charitable events. During the year, we have our Manitou Cares program where our campers, staff and families volunteer at different events each month to contribute to various charities across Canada. While we’re up at camp for the summer, we have our annual Community Week where each cabin group and activity creatively raises money for a different charity each year. We have had everything from water treading contests to “Handstands for Humanity” just to fundraise for a good cause. As well as our events and programs, Manitou invites speakers to Friday Night Fireside, Community Week, and the Walk Of Hope to enlighten and inspire us to strive and make the world a better place.

For our Community Week this summer, we have the privilege to welcome Alvaro and Boris Castellanos who will tell the story of their grandfather José Arturo Castellanos – a Righteous Among the Nations who refused to “stand by” in the face of injustice and as a result, helped to rescue thousands of people from the Nazis during WWII. They have made an incredible documentary to tell his story, which has been playing throughout the world to critical acclaim. For our annual Walk of Hope event, they will be talking to our campers and screening the 70-minute documentary combined with a simultaneous live musical performance of its soundtrack. “The Rescue – A Live-Film Concerto” promises to make an already special night even more memorable!

Our Friday Night Fireside theme for this summer is “We Do Not Stand By” and Boris and Alvaro are now working on another movie that also touches on this theme. Their upcoming film will tell the story of Indian Residential School Survivors in Canada and how many stood by allowing their abuse to occur.

We are sending an exclusive viewing link for the documentary “The Rescue” so our Manitou Families can witness the incredible story of their grandfather and the risks he took to save so many lives. Boris and Alvaro sold all of their assets to travel and film this movie and have now made it their life mission to spread the message of not standing by, so we can ensure that this does not happen again. Please CLICK HERE to access this inspirational film. The password to access the video is Manitou2019.

After watching this moving story, if you wish to make a contribution to their upcoming film on residential schools, please CLICK HERE to donate and support this important cinematic project.

If you can take the time to watch this film, we are sure you’ll be just as touched and inspired as we were when we first watched it earlier this year.

Hope everyone has a fantastic summer day…we know we will!

-Mark & Jeff

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