A Final Goodbye!

OH MY! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! I can’t believe the end of summer 2019 is upon us already, but thankfully we’ve all made some lifelong friends and memories.

Last night, we closed out World Games 2019 and crowned Team Brazil victorious! It was a tight race up until the finish line and I’ve never seen a more amazing three days! After the big World Games closing, our staff were treated to their very own Staff Banquet, a nice evening filled with speeches and a staff slideshow. It was a great way to celebrate our incredible staff team, and I was amazed as always at how brilliant our staff were in their speeches. Here are some fantastic quotes from some of those speeches:

“What makes camp so special isn’t that the sky is full of stars, the hockey rink, or the lake. Camp is unique because it has its own carefully designed culture. Kids feel like they belong, can take risks, and be a different, better version of themselves. Camp isn’t a place; it’s a feeling. But that feeling doesn’t appear spontaneously—it arises by design and you have all been part of the 2019 award winning design!”

“Please remember, it is the diversity of this group, the different perspectives and backgrounds that make us so strong. People from all walks of life, different countries, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, political view points, and so on. Let us all light our candles in recognition that we are one community, we are one family, with a common purpose, to help children grow. Well, for this summer, Jeff and I are so proud to say that you have exceeded beyond our expectations, and how blessed are we that we can stand before you to tell you that.”

We’re so lucky here at camp to have the greatest staff and campers in the world! And today, all of us were hard at work packing out. It’s a bittersweet time, but if I know our campers, I’m sure they all had a blast packing together and helping each other out.

And tonight, we get to celebrate the last night of camp as a whole. First, we have our activity awards, where each Activity Head gives out two awards to campers who have improved at their activity throughout Second Session. After our awards, we’ll get to watch the slideshow, which our Photographer Morgan Vandermark has been hard at work making. We’ll finish off our night in the theatre by giving out some 15-year gifts to this year’s recipients: Freshkid Unit Head Sydney Wilson, Junior Unit Head Lizzie Moscoe, Head of Hockey Lanny Foster, and Head of Volleyball Sydney Shore. We’ll then all head out to flagpole where the Jordana Lokash Award for Spirit and Sportsmanship will be given out and we’ll sing our camp song as we lower the flag.

It’s sure to be an amazing last night, and a perfect way to end a perfect summer.

Well, I’m off to Banquet now!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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