A Final Friday Night Fireside, Many Theatre Shows and World Games!

YAHOO! It’s been another exciting last few days at Manitou and there’s so much to share with you all!

On Friday, we had our final Fireside of the summer, and it was another inspiring evening. After the Unit and Dave Sheffe Memorial Staff Candles were given out to honour someone who has gone above and beyond this week, we heard from our CITs who sang “In My Life” to go with our theme “It Takes Courage to Be Kind.” It was so great to see the CIT unit bond together and show the camp how close they have become as a unit. I can’t wait to see them become staff next year!

We ended Fireside as we always do, with our poem, read by Mark Diamond, and song, and then we were off to our next destination, because the night was just beginning! Everyone in camp then went to the theatre for a double-bill performance of the Dance Show and the Junior Theatre Show. Our first show was titled The Manitou Cabaret, and once again creativity was on display! The Junior campers showed off their acting and singing chops, and the group of theatre staff and campers who wrote the show should be so proud of the fantastic play that they made. The Dance Show was, once again, a thrilling and excitement performance, and I was extremely impressed by our group of talented dancers who were able to perform so many different types of dances!

On Saturday, we had our final Theatre show of the summer, which was The Addams Family performed by the Seniors and CITs. It was an amazing (and spooky) show, and the cast put on an incredible production. I’m always impressed by the talent we have at this camp, and how well our campers pull of these shows! I can’t wait for all of you to see these shows when they’re up online after the summer!

After the play, was one of the huge highlights of the summer for most of our campers and staff…the start of WORLD GAMES 2023! The teams were Sweden, led by Canoe Tripping Coordinator Mina Curran and Gameshow Specialist Zev Friedman, and team Chile, led by Theatre Head Alexa Jacoby and OCS Head Ramon Parera. This year’s matchup is the first time we’ve had a rematch in World Games history! Our captains and steering committees did amazing dances and speeches to present their teams to the campers, and everyone was already cheering and showing their spirit for their teams.

The last three days have been an incredible showing of spirit, sportsmanship, cheering, athleticism and creativity! We’ve had a marathon, a track and field competition, a cabaret, opening and closing ceremonies, and of course our amazing dinners where the Dining Hall gets transformed and you really feel transported to the country! On the final day, we had our big relay where every camper and staff got involved and it ended in our classic World Games rope burn. It’s always a close finish and just adds to the excitement of the games! When the three days were over, the whole camp stood watching their flags wave to see which flag would drop and which would remain waving. At the end of the three days it was TEAM SWEDEN who was crowned victorious in World Games 2023!

I know whether they lost or won, everyone will always have memories of World Games! Time to pack my bags now and get ready for a bittersweet final day.

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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