A Canoe Trip to Remember

I woke up today and couldn’t believe that first session had flown by so quickly! We’ve had so many beautiful days filled with fun, that I hadn’t even noticed the days going by! I thought that since today was one of the last activity days of this month, I would go and explore what’s going on around camp.

At Crafts, everyone was making Tie-Dye shirts AND slime! It was messy up there for sure, but everyone was having a great time, and those colourful shirts are going to look amazing! After that, I went on down to Canoe and Kayak and found that they were having the annual Canoetar event. That’s when the Guitar and Canoe programs have a special day where they team up and play some tunes while paddling! Our fantastic campers were able to show off all of their talents at once, and it was great to relax on the beach and listen to some awesome music.

Then I went over to the Trip Shack, and a camper told me an inspiring story all about his canoe trip. My friend told me that he was pretty nervous to go on a canoe trip, and didn’t really think he would enjoy it, but his parents told him he must go. So after talking to some of our wonderful Trippers and staff, he decided he would take the plunge and go. And boy was it the right decision! He ended up helping out the Trippers, hiking, swimming in waterfalls, catching fish, canoeing in the sunset, AND finding a beautiful cave to explore along the Mattawa River! He not only got over his fear of going on trip and outdoor exploring, but he told me he wants to go again next summer! A big kudos to the parents who pushed him in the right direction, and it just shows that you don’t know if you’ll like something until you try!

I hope I get to go on a canoe trip this summer, but it will have to wait, because now I’m off to sit with spin some tunes with my good friend Robbie, the Head of Radio! Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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