The First Activity Day!

YAHOO! The campers are here and it’s officially the first day of activities! All of our cabins are travelling around camp and going to all sorts of activities. Some cabins are trying things for the first time, and some are old pros, but in every case they’re all laughing and smiling and having the best time!

Just this morning I saw Seniors at Pottery, Freshkids at Basketball, and Sophomores at Fitness. Plus we have swim checks happening all day, and I even saw some campers preparing their auditions for Theatre! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and it’s a perfect first day!

And tonight we will have our first Fireside together. Usually we hold Friday Night Fireside, but this week we’ve switched it up and it’s a Saturday Night Fireside, because it’s too important to miss. For those readers who are new to camp, Friday Night Fireside is a time for the whole camp to gather around a campfire, looking over the lake, to sit and think about how lucky we are to be in such a beautiful place. We always have different speakers talk on a theme, and this year the topic is “Together We Can Go Far.” I think it’s a perfect theme after the difficult year we have all had, and I know at Manitou everyone is in it together! Tonight at Fireside we have campers doing “Camp Is” speeches where they will talk about what camp means to them, and I can’t wait to hear how all of our wonderful campers speak about this amazing place.

I know I will have lots to fill you all in on tomorrow, but for now I’m off to Hockey so that Richie, our fantastic Head of Hockey, can teach me how to properly shoot!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

Camp Has Started!

WOW WOW WOW! The most exciting part of camp is here….our campers have arrived! And now camp has OFFICIALLY started!

We got to see the smiling faces of all our campers (and all of you wonderful parents) as they came in to camp. I saw a lot of returning faces, and I got to meet some new friends too! And our head staff and counsellors greeted them all so warmly wearing their wackiest costumes and holding up big signs.

Our campers are all settling in and unpacking now, and soon we’ll all get to have our first meal of the summer together, and I know Chef Will has something special in mind! Tonight we’ll have our Activity Fair where the cabins get to see the HUGE selection of activities we have for them, and then they’ll get to decide which ones they want to try out. It’s an exciting first day and I know it’s going to be the BEST SUMMER EVER!

Off to help my camper friends unpack!

Yours moosily,

Manny the Moose