🔥TONIGHT AT 7PM EST: Final Virtual Fireside

Please join us tonight at 7 PM EST on YouTube Live to come together for what would have been the last day of our 2020 season. We are looking forward to connecting for one final inspirational fireside as a Manitou family. Tonight’s fireside theme is “Making Connections” and we will hear from both Baycrest Foundation and Make-A-Wish Canada about how the youngest and oldest in our community are facing and overcoming challenges. We will also hear from our CITs about their experience joining our pilot Baycrest Buddies program.

We will close with our classic fireside traditions of singing the Manitou song and a special rendition of the camp poem honouring those who would have celebrated their 15 & 20 year Manitou milestones this summer.

The Virtual Fireside will be streamed via YouTube Live. Please click the button below to join the stream and give us a shout out in the live chat. Don’t forget to press the Set Reminder button to receive an e-mail alerting you that the stream is going live!



We hope all of our families, staff, alumni and friends join us for tonight’s final fireside of our 2020 summer.

-Mark, Jeff, Jen, Alec & Melissa

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