๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Help us Support Ukraine

Dear Camp Manitou Community,

I’m sure that you, like us are deeply troubled by the war currently unfolding in Ukraine. It is time as part of our ManitouCares program that we encourage our community to get involved to help. After reviewing so many excellent organizations we have found a very special fundraising program through a charity called Hashomer Hatzair that provides food, generators, travel and access to safe housing for both people in Ukraine and for refugees in Poland. This global organization has recruited volunteers from around the world to mobilize efforts to assist those in need.

This charity is incredibly fitting for us as a summer camp because much of their work is focused on supporting youth. Hashomer Hatzair is running a kindergarten within a refugee centre on the border Ukraine in the Polish City of Przemyล›l. Volunteers run educational activities for various age ranges where approximately 300-400 kids pass through the childrenโ€™s centre daily. They also provide professionals who have been assisting individuals of all ages with mental health and translation needs. Click below to watch a video made about the refugee centre:
Hashomer Hatzair in Przemysl, Poland - Daycare in refugee center
If you have children in your household, depending on their age, you may want to watch the video together and discuss how we can make a difference.



You can show your support by sending messages of love and hope to Ukrainians. Feel free to add a written message to our google doc: Camp Manitou Messages for Ukraine, and we will make sure that Ukrainians receive the messages. While a short message may seem like a small contribution, the Ukrainians have told us that messages of solidarity inspire hope and serve as reminders that we stand with them.


We would love as a Manitou community to contribute $10,000 to this wonderful cause. If every household donates between $50 – $150 dollars we can easily surpass this goal. If you are able to contribute, please make a donation to the Manitoucamp Foundation Ukraine Support Fund and we will forward 100% of all donations to Hashomer Hatzair. Any amount will make a difference and we thank you in advance for supporting this important cause. Please share this link with your friends, family, and broader communities as well.


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