⌛Summer 2020 Time Capsule Project!

Calling all campers! We hope all of you will participate in our Manitou Summer 2020 time capsule project. Write about your highlights and lessons learned from Summer 2020 by filling out this easy form. The time capsule will be buried at camp this fall and in 5 years, at our first fireside of Summer 2025, we will dig it up. We will then share the thoughts and feelings of our Manitou community to properly reflect and remind us of how far we will have come since COVID-19. We strongly encourage all campers to be a part of this powerful project as we know reflecting on this unprecedented summer will be an important way to learn and grow. We know your participation in the project will not only benefit you, it will also inspire our greater community in the future.


Watch this video to meet Marvin Gord! Marvin is 99 years old and walks five kilometres every day around his neighbourhood. Marvin will celebrate his 100th Birthday on Dec. 31, 2020, at the turn of the calendar year.

Between now and his birthday, Marvin is on a mission to walk 1 Million steps and raise 1 Million dollars for Baycrest’s SOS Campaign, which funds critical protective measures and medical equipment to safeguard residents, patients, and staff. Every dollar donated is equal to one step that Marvin takes in his mission to 1 million steps. In the video, you’ll hear from our CIT Baycrest Buddies about why they’re supporting Marvin.

Since we were so inspired by Marvin’s story, we have created our very own Manitou team for Marvin’s Million. We encourage you to visit manitou.marvinsmillion.com to support this incredible initiative. We hope you will all join our team and help Marvin reach his goal.


Longtime camper and staff, Jonah Opler has started the Don’t Give Up On Me: A Virtual Community Music Project. This is a way to unite as a community in efforts to uplift each other and pass on love, care, and cheer to all those around us through music. They are creating a virtual music video to Andy Grammer’s “Don’t Give Up on Me” featuring voices singing together in harmony. If you like to sing on stage, around a campfire, or in the shower this project is for you! All they need from you is to record yourself singing the song! They want to involve as many people as possible and no previous experience is necessary, so take this opportunity to learn, uplift, and be a part of something meaningful. CLICK HERE to sign up by Friday, August 21st to join the project!

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